Conor McNally, MS, CSCS

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Velocity Based Training Seminar hosted by Tony Giuliano and Ty Terrell of Complete Sport Performance. While VBT is nothing new to the field of strength and conditioning, the perspective that these two bring with applying the principles of VBT to training athletes is truly unique. Perhaps one of my biggest takeaways from this seminar was how we can use VBT to learn more about an athlete’s unique physiology, which allows us as coaches to be more precise with our program design.This content delivered this weekend has forced me to think critically about what I’ve done in the past, as well as how I can utilize VBT to ensure I am giving my athletes the exact stimulus they need to be successful on the field. I highly encourage anyone to check out this seminar and anything else from the guys at Complete Sport Performance!

Posted by Lance Goyke

I run most of the behind the scenes stuff here at CSP.