Lee Taft

Far too often information in the strength and conditioning profession is either too science-based or lacking depth in its practical approach to training. My great friends Ty Terrell and Tony Giuliano hit a home run with their manual on Velocity Based Training; “Force and Power: Maximizing Performance with Velocity Based Training”. I personally am aware of the time Ty and Tony spent on this manual and the research and clinical studies they performed to bring it to fruition. They take what can be a confusing topic and make it easy to understand and apply. They simplify the science and outline the practical application through case studies and examples.

Velocity Based Training (VBT) is an area in strength and conditioning that will change the game in how we approach training. Much like how using a heart rate monitor has improved our effectiveness when conditioning our athletes, VBT will completely revolutionize how we control volume, intensity, and overall programming for strength and power. I can’t recommend this manual enough for the serious strength and conditioning professional. It is a must for your library.

Posted by Lance Goyke

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